Let’s be honest. When it comes to chevron print, I may be borderline obsessed. I love it. I love that it is so simple, but adds so much character to an otherwise boring object. I have had a white short sleeved cardigan for a few years. It was starting to look pretty worn out and I was just plain bored with it. That’s when I decided to give it a little makeover.

It is amazing what a little  chevron vinyl can do! Here is what you’ll need…

*old cardigan

*Yellow iron on vinyl

*Multi Use Paper

*Silhouette or Cricut using Sure Cuts a Lot

*Electric Blue buttons


First you will want to create a chevron print on your computer. You may be able to find a zig zag image to use. Mine is about an inch thick. Cut out several chevron strips onto your vinyl.

Peel off one of your chevron strips and lay it on your cardigan where you would like it to be. I started at the bottom.

Lay your multi use paper over the chevron strip and iron over it. Press firmly over the vinyl for about 30 seconds.

Peel off your next chevron strip and line it up with your previous strip.

Cut off the excess vinyl so that the strips line up correctly.

Line your strips up so they are straight and iron it on. Continue to do these steps until you have gone all the way across your cardigan.

When you have made one solid chevron stripe, measure your stripe, mine was about an inch. Now go up about the same length to start your next chevron stripe. Repeat all of those steps until you have gotten all of the chevron you want on your cardigan. I did 5 stripes.

Use a seam ripper to take your buttons off.

Replace those boring buttons with some fresh, bright colored buttons. I found these buttons at JoAnn Fabrics.

Now you have a whole new look to your old, boring cardigan!

Embrace the new chevron trend and make heads turn!

Happy Creating!

McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam