Whether you have a Cricut or a Silhouette or a Pazzles or even just a pair of scissors anyone can recognize the advantages of using craft vinyl for an upcoming project.  Simply put this is a product that is made up of a vinyl layer coated on one side with an adhesive.  When cut properly you can make just about any silhouette shape your heart desires.  It is becoming a very popular media for many crafters.

Laundry Room Craft Vinyl SignCraft vinyl is available in a range of varieties.  The most popular is a standard solid color adhesive product.  This material is manufactured in many colors and is often very affordable.  Typically the lower price point on solid color materials does not mean that it is low quality.  Generally speaking the more affordable materials are manufactured in a way that they are able to be produced in very large batches bringing the cost down.  There are more expensive solid color vinyls that have their place but usually are not needed.

The next type of vinyl for cricut is very similar to the solid colors but is a media designed for printing and gets patterns printed on it.  The sky is the limit to what could be printed on it. However, for most crafters they are limited to patterns produce by craft vinyl suppliers.  This is because the equipment to print on this particular material is very costly.  Some of the most popular patterns of patterned vinyl are zebra vinyl in various colors as well as houndstooth vinyl to name a couple.

That brings us to the option of printable vinyl.  There is also material available that has a special coating that allows the vinyl to be printed on with any common inkjet printer.  With the right product the coating not only allows the ink to stick to the vinyl it also locks it so that the colors will not run like they usually do with inkjet prints.  This way you can print any design or image onto your vinyl and cut around it or just as a fill pattern for the letters or shapes you cut.

Finally there is a variety of specialty vinyl films that are common to the craft market.  These are either designed to have a special function or a special look.  Function wise the common ones are chalkboard vinyl, dry erase vinyl, and glow in the dark vinyl.  Each function is just as the name describes.  Beyond that the typical specialty materials the special part comes in the looks.  Common to this category of craft vinyl are metalized and metallic films.  Metallic films contain flakes of metal to make them really pop and sparkle.  These are available in various colors.  The metalized films are made to look like polished metal or some other type of metal product like engine turn finish or diamond plating. And that sums up the different types of cricut vinyl.