One of the many reasons I love vinyl is because not only can you use it to create fabulous designs, but you can also use it as a stencil.  WHAT!?  Yup, it’s true :)  In fact I use vinyl as a stencil almost as much as I use the vinyl for a design itself.

In one of my most recent projects I did for my home, I did just that.  I used leftover vinyl as a stencil to give my wooden pallet-style sign a “hand-painted” look without actually hand-painting letters.  In my opinion, this is a much simpler and quicker option.  And, since I lack patience and the ability to paint a straight line, for me, this trick also helps my hand-painted designs turn out way better then I could do if left to my own devices.

diy pallet-style wood sign using vinyl as a stencil

If you want to learn  more about how to create this really cool pallet-style sign, “hand-painted” letters and all, come and visit me at my blog HERE for the complete, step-by-step (photo rich) tutorial on how to create this look for yourself!

Do you ever use vinyl as a stencil?

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Ashley Phipps is an Interior Designer and Blogger living in the Indianapolis area. She is also the author of the blog Simply Designing.