i got this cute bag for my daughter (at walmart..five bones)

and knew i could jazz it up!
i had expressions vinyl send me some iron on t-shirt vinyl
(and oh my gosh..it’s so fun people!)
the kind i got was flocked (which means a little fuzzy..which i didn’t know about until you peel the plastic off it…)
but i layed it out just like regular vinyl…
i cut some giant lips….

and ironed it on…..

and it was so stinkin easy…so i thought i would go one step harder so i could give you a real tutorial of it…
my daughter wanted a peace sign so i decided to do the words underneath (then she added the butterfly and flower (i’m using my scal if anyone is interested!)

now, the t-shirt vinyl is tricky. cause it comes with the transfer tape already on it (that is why i couldn’t see the flocking) so you want to make sure that when you put it on your vinyl it is facedown and you have your pressure on med or low so you don’t cut all the way through it –the transfer tape is special and it is what you will be ironing on….so you don’t want to ruin it!

so if you are using a regular cricut cartridge you have to put in everything backwards…but my scal has a nice flip feature…

and it made everything backwards….

then you cut it….and when you peel it up it’s in one big sheet….

then you peel off the excess…..(see the protective covering?)



then you postition it where you want it…..and iron away…

okay..we then had to add love to the lips..(sorry. once you know how to do it..it’s really hard to stop!!!)and my daughter was having as much fun as i was!!!!  i kinda want to make all the jersey’s for my husband’s basketball team!

i was trying to get a picture of the fuzzyness…but it’s impossible!

like i said…it’s super addicting…and once you know how…you will want to decorate everyone’s clothes or bags or pillows.
i think a batman shirt is up next..