Another feature that I have really been digging on  my Silhouette Cameo is the “Print and Cut” feature!

This amazing feature allows you to design something in the software (or import something in the software), print it and then cut around it.

You might be wondering what you would use this feature for and honestly, the options are endless!  But my favorite reason to use this is for cards or invitations!

Recently I used this feature for birthday invitations for my daughter.  I designed my image in another photo editing software and saved it as a jpeg.  Then I imported the image into my Silhouette software (see here for how to import images into the Silhouette software) and traced the image (see here).  And finally I printed and then cut my image all from the Silhouette Software program!

It is a pretty amazing feature!  And the best part is is that it is so incredibly simple to use!!

Here is the complete how-to:

Once your image is imported into the Silhouette software, go ahead and adjust the size if you need to. (see here for how to import an image)

Then follow my previous tutorial on how to trace an image here.

Next, be sure that you visit the page layout and make sure that the page size is set to a size you can print (like 8.5″ x 11″).

Once your image is adjusted and your page size is set, click on the second to last button on the right side of the menu button bar.  It looks like three corners.  This will bring up your Registration Marks menu.  Click the box that says “Show Reg Marks”.  You will notice a portion of the page gets grayed out and three registration marks will appear on your page.

Your images need to be inside of these marks and the grayed out area for them to print and cut properly.  So go ahead and take a moment to adjust your image placement if you need to.

Next click the Silhouette Cut button as if you were going to cut your image.  On the right dialog box, you will have the option to Print your File.  Go ahead and click that and a dialog box will pop up that will allow you to print your image.  Print your image.

After your image has printed, place your printed image on your cutting mat and load it into your Silhouette machine.

Your right hand dialog box will not as you to “detect registration  marks before cutting?”  Click on “detect automatically.  The Silhouette will automatically attempt to find your registration marks.

Here is a hint.  This feature only works on white and light colored paper.  It can not find registration marks that are on paper that is too bright or dark.

After if finds the registration marks, your dialog box will then walk you through the rest of the typical Silhouette Cutting process as per usual.

You can repeat this process with any other images you need to print and cut.

And your result is a super cute, custom designed and cut, amazing invitation!!

How cute is that!?

Happy crafting!

Ashley Phipps is an Interior Designer, NCIDQ #25242, living in the Indianapolis area, and author of the blog Simply Designing.

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