Hi, it’s Steph again from a Geek In Glasses. Today, I am sharing my technique of getting salon style nails without any kind of talent or skill. I have been watching the trend all over the net and I just don’t have the steady hand to paint the design on my nails and I can’t seem to figure out how long to let the nails dry to use the removable tape trick. So, I saw a tiny scrap of outdoor vinyl and it hit me – make your own decals! I can surely put those on. It worked great even for my daughter who has tiny finger nails.

I started this project by choosing the outdoor vinyl, because it is super sticky and water proof. I used my Cricut cutting machine and the Sure Cuts A lot program to make the decals. I used the Wingding font that comes with most computers and picked out some of the designs such as the heart, a check mark to create a semi-chevron look, and diagonal lines. I sized them to 1/2″ tall because that was how tall my thumb nail is today from tip to nail bed. For my daughter, I made tiny hearts that are 1/4″ to fit on her thumb nail and middle finger nail.

I cut them out and then prepared the diagonal lines by weeding the vinyl, or picking out the unwanted part, and placing the transfer paper on them. Do this before you paint your nails so you do not have fumble with a craft knife while the nail polish is wet.


Apply the nail polish of choice and wait for it to dry. Once the polish is completely dry, I can’t stress that enough, apply the vinyl decals.

Then brush on a clear top coat.

When that is dry, go show off your new skills and super awesome summer nails.